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Doublet Design is Mali Mrozinski  &  Jordan Gehman.  Our naivety of each others chosen medium and respective rules of design provides us with rich opportunities to expand our approaches to furniture and garments.


We collaborate on all aspects of the design process, beginning with sketches, scale drawings and models. As we move into the production of the works our individual skill sets separate our tasks. Mali takes the lead on all the textile dyeing and construction components, while Jordan focuses on the finer details of our woodworking projects.


We make small batches of objects from our collection that are available in our online store and at the Doublet SHED. Orders placed through the online store will be shipped within 3 business days and arrive at their destination within 7.


Custom design requests are happily accepted. We enjoy working directly with clients to create a piece of clothing, furniture or interior projects that is specific to your needs. This process starts with the space and / or function of the objects. We charge a design fee to begin working, this fee will allow us to develop a few drawings and models. Once a design is settled upon the design fee is put towards the final cost of your custom object.


Contact designdoublet@gmail.com with any questions.





Mali and Jordan