We are stoked to welcome our very first artist in residence at the Doublet SHED.  With the support of The Kindling Fund, a grant program administered by SPACE Gallery as part of the Andy Warhol Foundation of the Visual Arts Regional Regranting Network.

Trelawney AIR in front of shed.jpg

Trelawney O'brien

Please join us for an informal discussion of Trelawney’s artwork at the Doublet S.H.E.D.  She will be the first of our artists in residence that will occupy the S.H.E.D this summer.  O’brien is a Rockport based artist who uses embroidery as a means to explore symbolism, activism and connection within her community.  Her stitched designs find their way into garments through her line Treyummy, which releases one of a kind wares that incorporate natural dye, upcycled fashion and stitching.  She will be hosting a series of collaborative embroidery projects during her month long residency at the SHED from June 25-July 20.

Peter AIR in front of shed.jpg

Peter Scheidt

"The U.S. Craft Bureau’s purpose is to advance the knowledge and usage of handcraft within the everyday lives of American citizens.  When I take action as the Bureau, I am dressed in all the trappings of an established government institution.  Positioning and costuming as an institution is an opportunity for me to give myself permission to forward a pedagogy.  It also affords the means to approach the identified problematic with a multidisciplinary approach."

The Bureau will be taking over the SHED for the month of July/August offering free repairs of wooden chairs. In service to the public, Peter's goal is to empower communities with the fundamentals of craft. Peter will bring a bicycle designed to function as a small, curbside wooden furniture repair station. Peter will be in residence at the SHED from July 26th-August 17th.  Come check out what he is up to during that time.