The Space for Handmade Explorative Design or S.H.E.D. is a seasonal project space designed and built in the spring of 2017. It is located on the Sheepscot River in Wiscasset Maine. The SHED is a 8’ x 16’ structure that is divided into two equal parts housing a workshop and exhibition space.  In the summer months we participate in the Wiscasset Art Walk and host a guest artist for our lecture series SHED talks at Dusk. 

These evening presentations bring artist, craftspeople and the community together to discuss and engage with creative ideas. Each month we feature a different artist to speak and display their work in the gallery.


June 28th - Trelawney O'brien

July 26th - Peter Scheidt

August 30th - Rain Check

September 27th - Spindleworks

Schedule 2017

June 29th – Nick Dalton

July 27th – Julliette Walker

August 31st – Nikki Pilgrim

September 28th – Mali Mrozinski & Jordan Gehman as Doublet Design