Our tendency to share clothing inspired the design of this coat. Intended to be unisex and one sized, the jacket can have an oversized or fitted silhouette. Our interest in material that looks aged and worn led to the use of natural dye on vintage linen.  The linen itself is hearty and when combined with the natural dye process of both weld and indigo a transformation occurs.  The weld jacket is over-dyed with iron to obtain a mustard hue that in some lights appears like animal skin.  The jacket has a relaxed feel and can hold a lot in its many pockets placed on two sides, in the lining and backside.



Clothing an furniture are closely intertwined, these mats explore the space between the two. With simple shapes and colorful finishes these mats provide the comfort of hardwood and a friendly reminder to clean up after ourselves. Expanding on the technique used to create roll top desks we designed tamboured mats which allows for easy shipping, portability, and storage.



Inspired by whiskey barrels, these carefully crafted vessels will age beautifully over time as the flavors of your favorite liquor season the oak. Making this an heirloom to enjoy for years to come. Available in an all natural finish or a with dipped rubber bottom for added grip and style.