We explore connections between the home and physical body.  The works we create grow out of utility while paying homage to sculptural forms.   We find inspiration in the objects that surround us, reinterpreting classic forms with the marks of our hands providing contemporary handmade design for home and away.

We believe in the natural grain of wood and fiber.  Gently interrupting the organic color of a material with a hint of color.  We seek fabric that has a strength and history to it, embedding a sense of ware in each piece.

Doublet Design is a husband and wife team of Mali Mrozinski  &  Jordan Gehman.  By cross pollinating methods of woodworking and textiles we embrace each others material knowledge. Which allows us room for an organic approach to design and making. Our naivety of each others chosen medium and respective rules of design provides us with rich opportunities to expand our approaches to furniture and garments.


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